BabyBonny is an ‘all handmade’ gift shop for Baby Showers, Births and Christenings.

The idea of our store is to create quality, original and unique handicraft gifts that are also useful.

We make "Nappy Cakes" or more specifically, in our case, "Nappy Shapes” by using crib sheets and blankets, baby accessories, and most importantly, nappies.

With all this we create some very original and fun shapes such as locomotives, motorcycles, cars etc ...

Everything is usable, you just have to take apart the figure and use what you need when it’s needed.

Our creations also become a very chic decorative element to the nursery.

You will also find in BabyBonny original Flower Bouquets made of newborn clothes in pure cotton, in the shape of roses. We also add artificial flowers and a sisal flower pot for more realism.

The result is so beautiful that they even seem like bridal bouquets. They are ideal as they contain seven pieces of baby clothes besides the flower pot that can also be used for a real plant.

We are always innovating, adding new products and using the best brands from manufacturers who offer us quality products.

Every textile we use is 100% cotton and accessories in all our products are free of Bisphenol A (BPA) to avoid damaging the baby's health.

As to the nappies, we also use the best of the Market, and in this case the awarded Toujours nappies, their softness, their level of absorption, odour neutralization, comfort and freedom of movement.

If you are a person who values creativity, personalized handmade products, and want to surprise someone with a good gift, BabyBonny is your best option. Future parents will certainly value your great detail, as your gift will not become just ‘any gift’.

Everything in BabyBonny is made with love and attention to detail, making our little shop something unique and special, and hoping to grow every day with your help.

I am convinced that offering our products as presents will guarantee your success because everything that is made with love works.

Thank you for choosing BabyBonny!

Rosa González
Creator and Owner

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